Felt Rug Pads Add Warmth and Cushioning to Your Area Rugs

felt rug pads add warmth and comfort

Rug Pad USA recently reached out to me and asked if I would like to try one of their new products.  I was delighted when I got the invite as I desperately needed a new rug pad for my home.  I asked for a felt rug pad for my 8×10 area rug, since I was a bit worried about floor damage and discoloration that can occur with low quality pads.  Heres a little info about what a felt rug pad is, as many decorators and designers are usually unaware of their existence.   


A 100% Cushioned felt rug pad ensures a thick layer of cushioning material that can be placed under the carpet to ensure extra comfort and also to provide a non-slip barrier between the carpet and floor. It’s best to choose a thicker pad as it provides more cushioning and therefore ensure less noise while you’re walking over it. By and large, it’s an ideal pad to reduce noise and ensure soundproofing.  


Felt rug pads are best and cost effective way to deal with floor noise. They work well for apartments, condominiums or other types of residential buildings. Therefore, by using a 100 percent felt rug pad, you can not only reduce noise but can ensure a long life of your rug. A felt rug pad can also add cushioning, comfort and support for your area rugs. They are great for larger area rugs as one’s less likely to slip. 


For choosing the best rug pad, use need to follow simple guidelines. A pad should provide three main functions. First, it should firmly hold the rug to the floor. Two, it should ensure cushioned support. Third, it should protect floor from all types of harm. There are different types of pads on the market but finding one that has all three main functions can be a big challenge. Again, for any large rugs, a felt rug pad is ideal it will keep the rug anchored in place without and chance of damaging floors.  

Benefits of Felt rug Pads

• Ensures comfort and warmth.felt rug padding ?????
• High potential for noise reduction and insulation.
• Inexpensive and quite easy lay down.
• 100 percent safe for all types of floors.
• Protects your flooring from early wearing.

These days, you can also get thick and thin open type felt rug pads that are coated with PVC. They also do a great job from moving on your wooden or concrete floor. Many manufactures also offer this product with natural rubber coating. This felt rug pad does an effective job in keeping the rug from moving as well. You also get many options that come with non-slip function. 

Your options for felt rug pads are: 

* Some rug pads were earlier made using fine jute hair but they are no longer manufactured due to their prohibitive cost. They also don’t perform well like synthetic felt rug pads.

* 100 percent felt rug pads are made only from recycled material without any added glues, chemicals and latest and work well for wooden floors. 

* Rubber and felt rug pads can easily prevent rugs and pads from slipping and moving. They are great for smaller rugs.

New Eco-fiber felt rug pads are now being produced which are made from 100 percent recycled felt material, made from soft material, and free from odors and toxic vocs that can cause indoor air pollution. The highest level of thickness is 40 ounce dense rug pad. This thickness is highly resistant to foot pressure, and prevents the rug pad from sinking and allows your feet to gently touch the floor thereby reducing noise.

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Buying Guide

It is important to consider the material the rug is made with. It your rug pad 100 percent felt or is made using combination of materials? If your felt rug pad is made using dense felt then you can be assured that it’s made without any air infusion to increase its thickness. It’s best to invest in a felt rug pad that is jade without using any chemical as they can damage your flooring. Sometimes they also release toxic VOC in the long run. Thickness is important if you want to invest in a felt rug pad for noise reduction as opposed to just comfort. Thicker felt pad will also provide good support and insulation. 

felt pads

If you’re interested in finding a felt rug pad that does not harm your floors, try to buy rubber backed products as they seem to be more stable and last for years.  I have a few of these in my home.  Avoid pvc rug pads and only choose ones with natural rubber.

Cleaning felt rug pads

cleaningurgsYou can easily clean felt rug pads at home as they do not require much care. Just an occasional vacuuming is enough to remove dust while spills that might have penetrated can be cleaned by using a damp cloth. Wipe off the area with some blotting paper, and then dry the felt rug pad for few hours in open sun. quality felt rug pads can last for years but they may eventually need to be replaced. When your pad start shredding, or you see more fibers around its edges, it’s the best time to replace the rug pad.

Want to Decorate Your Bedroom? Make Sure You Have an Ideas in Mind

by: Jayden Hall Creating the mood you desire in a specific room is strongly related to how you decorate it. Whether it’s about a master bedroom, a teenager’s room or a guest room, check out this expert advice to get the best results

Cozy and Comfortable
Decorate the perfect space by only choosing colors, fabrics and furniture that will make you feel comfortable staying here.

cozy room

Island Getaway
Many people like decorating their bedroom just like an island paradise. Learn how to make your own island getaway here.


Parisian Flair
Bring the old-fashioned Parisian flair to your bedroom to create a romantic attire that you can sink in. Find out how to borrow Parisian styling to your sleeping space here.


Pretty Girl’s Rooms
For an unforgettable experience between mothers and daughters, creating an ultimate pink girl’s bedroom is going to be a great opportunity. Learn how to choose the best shade of pink here, and do not forget to look for other fancy furnishings.


Faux Painting
To change the feel and decoration of your bathroom, simply apply your eye for style and creativity on a faux project. Learn how here!

home design

Traditional European Style
Learn how to decorate your bedroom as Europeans do.


Theme Selection
Choosing the right decoration theme for your bedroom can be daunting. Here you’ll find out more about the different themes available, plus tips & tricks on how to choose the best one for you.


Casual and Relaxing
Find out how to create the relaxing paradise that you have always been tendering for.

casual and relaxing relaxed-white-bedroom

To help you out, we’ve gathered some extra tips and tricks for better decorating your bedroom and achieving superb results.
Master Bedrooms

broom dec
Your master bedroom is not only the space where you go to sleep when the night comes, but an oasis where you can contemplate your day and enjoy some relaxing time with yourself. Do you want your bedroom to be like a heaven filled with neutral tones where you can retreat, or a more modern paradise with mismatched shades of pink?
To make it perfect, you’ll only need a comfortable bed to sleep on, proper storage, good lightning, and some other decoration elements that can make your life cozier – family photos, a TV , a desk ,or perhaps a home theater system from theaterseat.com , etc.

Here’s what experts are saying: Make your bedroom feel larger with light shades and curtains, or make it feel more comfortable with patterns like toile, gingham or stripes and warm colors, such as raspberry. Add and position furniture parallel or perpendicular to your walls, to enhance your bedroom’s look.

large curtains
Remember to choose only those nightstands that will be just as high as your mattress or topper, no matter how they look. You definitely wouldn’t want to blindly look for your phone or alarm clock in the darkness, would you?


Just because a nightstand is boring, this doesn’t mean that you can’t make it look better. Place a dollar-store chest on it, add some extra blankets and you’ve instantly made it more functional.
Keep your linen closet, drawers or chest smelling fresh by adding a miniature muslin bag filled with rosemary or lavender. For a heavenly rest, consider sleeping on top-notch linens.

Kids’ Room

Kids grow rapidly, and this is why you should opt for neutral shades when decorating his or her room, so it will adapt to him/her as he/she grows up. Go for a small-print wallpaper instead of bunnies, and pieces that can resist over time instead of age-specific furnishings, which will easily hold your child’s favorite toys or electronic gear.


Are you remodeling your child’s room? Consider installing childproof outlets to successfully protect your wee one. For long-lasting storage, try adding built-in drawers and bookcases, or choose unconventional options, such as lift-up seats, window seats with pullout drawers and shelves.


Separate your kid’s room as follows: the play area, which will have vinyl confetti-print floor that can survive spots and scuff marks, and a space for quiet pursuits, where you’ll install a comfy carpet.
To prevent buying expensive lamps that will waste space and will eventually end up broken, choose safer options, like recessed lighting. Add visual interest to the room with antique animal prints, posters and framed maps, which will never be too childish for your soon-to-be preteen.

Teen’s Room

For your teen to be happy, you definitely need to use his favorite colors and decoration elements when remodeling his room. Be careful at the bed, as it will be the place where they’ll do most things, like lounging with friends.

Encourage good bed-making habits by adding only a few pillows and cushions, and make everything cozier with quality fabrics, like duvet.
Enhance your teen’s bedroom for sleep-overs with twin bedrooms that feature mismatches headboards. You can choose either to upholster or decorate them with stencils. For separate beds, choose coordinating linens, which will certainly make them look more appealing. What about blue-and-white-checked sheets with red bedskirt on one bed, and red-and-white-checked sheets with blue skirt on the other?
Consider wallcoverings that feature their favorite fabric or modern painting techniques, which will be great for both boys and girls.
To decorate the rest of the bedroom, bring in a dollar-store desk reconditioned with paint, modular units with shelves and drawers, or a retro-style table as their work space. Include some storage space for papers and books by installing additional shelves and bookcases. Keep your child’s back healthy with an ergonomic chair, and don’t forget to call in a large bulletin board for sports schedules and photos.

Guests’ Room
You don’t have to struggle that much for the guests’ room. You’ll only have to include a comfy bed, a storage space for clothes, proper lightning and eventually an in-room toiler, for privacy. Bring in a small TV, a stack of magazines and a DVD or music player, whatever you have handy.

Make the room more welcoming with a basket of fresh fruits for night cravings, a glass placed on the table/shelf/nightstand, and maybe a soft throw, plus a stack of clean towels.  Adding a nice area rug from rugs-direct or rugsusa is a no brainer, usually offered with great deals. 

If your home doesn’t have a guests’ room, you can create a comfortable sleeping space in your office by adding a fold-down bed.
Aren’t you creative enough? Some other good ideas to consider are faithful futons, railcar-style berths, or even an enclosed porch, the best possible option you have this summer. Enhance the porch by adding delicate sheers hung on rods, or suspend diaphanous muslin above, to make sleeping outdoors more enjoyable.

Now that you’ve learned how to decorate various types of bedrooms, it’s just the right time to find out more about decoration themes. Our next article will teach you how to make your bedroom a truly comfortable oasis.
Want more info and tips on how to decorate your home?